You can purchase Jack's pieces from the VCE syllabus on this page.

Jack currently has 3 pieces on the VCE syllabus in the Drum Solos category. These solos are from an release entitled "Performance Solos For Drumkit". You can purchase this package (includes instructional videos and PDF charts) by clicking the paypal link below. You are able to pay with all major credit cards, and your paypal account, using this link.

You will receive:

1 - The performance videos (same as youtube videos below)
2 - The PDF charts for printing
3 - A full instructional video for each solo - 15 in total

* Please note this package is NOT currently available in music stores, only from this website as a digital download package.

* As soon a your purchase goes through your browser will be redirected to the download page.

Here are the 3 solos.