Gear Setup - Drums

I currently play 2 models of Sleishman drum kits, both are custom finish. In the studio at home I use a Ebony Veneer Maple Kit, consisting of 22 kick, 14x6 snare, 10, 12, 14, 16 toms. This kit is permanantly miced up for any and all recording or filming.

For freelancing around town I use a little Burgundy coloured bop kit with silver frosted hardware, consisting of 18" kick, 14x5.5, 10, 12, 14 toms. Occasionally I swap the snares around with a few different models.


Cymbals Studio (Zildjian) - 14" K Hats, 16" A Custom Crash, 17" A Custom Crash, 20" K Dry Light Ride, 17" K China
Cymbals Live (Zildjian) - 14" New Beat Hats, 16" A Thin Crash, 18" A Crash/Ride, 20" K Heavy Ride (rock), 20" K Ride (jazz)

Here is a product demo vid I recently did for Sleishman Drums, demonstrating the Pro Series range.

Here are some pics of my beloved signature snare - 14x5.5 Tasmanian Blackwood Shell Blocked.


You can see some pics of these kits at gigs, in the gallery page.

Gear Setup - Percussion

Most of my percussion playing and practice gets done on my Malletkat KS Grand, mainly due to not having lots of space at home for bulky gear, and I can put the headphones on and practice after my kids go to bed! I also use a Roland SPDSX for triggering and other situations where the Malletkat is too big.

For mallets I use mostly the standard stuff; Mike Balter, Innovative, Putnam etc

jack bennett percussion